The Role of Technology in an Organization

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The Role of Technology in an Organization

There is no denying the role of technology in the digital world today. Technology has become a fundamental and an integral part of any organizational structure. Technology is used from multi-national companies to small-scaled businesses for effective running of daily tasks.

Technology is a powerful tool that utilizes application of information in the production, design and the utilization of goods and services as well as in any organization of human activities. Here are some of the key roles played by technology in an organization


In every organization, communication is a key aspect of the daily routines that drive the company. Technology has evolved over the year and has revolutionized communication in organizations. Various technological communication means are being used by businesses. For example, the invention of the email has changed how office communication is conducted.

In earlier years, communication in organizations used telegrams or postal letter to communicate or send crucial documents. Over time, the fax was invented and provided a much quicker transfer of information. However, E-Mails have been the current mode of communication in an organization whether formally or informally.

Emails are inexpensive and straightforward to use. Different email platforms also offer various features including multiple emailing to different recipients. Some other important communication is the mobile phones, video conferencing or Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP.

Data management

Every organization stores loads of data and information. Traditional filing and document mailing is fast fading and organizations are embracing advanced technological filing system such as online data storage.

Organizations are turning to secure data banks to store all their information and converting all their physical data to a digital form. Data stored online is easy to retrieve and is secured. Storing data digitally ensures that data is properly backed up and reduces the loss of data or data damage risks. Online data management is easier, and there is immediate data retrieval.

Customer Relationship Management

Technology plays a significant role in improving client’s relationship. Through a Customer Relationship Management systems, organizations can capture every company client interaction to provide an enriching experience.

For example, should a customer call or emails a company with certain issues, the support staff can quickly identify what sort of products or service was offered to the client, billing information and so on. Also, the system will pull up instructions manual on how to effectively respond to the client.

All these interactions are accurately recorded for evaluation and reused in case the client calls or emails the organization. This provides a much dynamic customer relationship with the organization with a better focus experience and this increases productivity.


Perhaps, technology has best been used in marketing. Almost all successful business are turning to digital marketing to showcase their products and services. The organization is embracing the digital era that is enabled by technology to reach wider markets and newer heights.

The use of social media is amongst the most used marketing tool as well as targeted advertisement. Organizations can now advertise themselves without the outdated forms such as newspaper adverts. Internet advertisement has ensured that your product or services reach your targeted audiences.

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