Stopping Google Analytics Referral Spam

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Stopping Google Analytics Referral Spam

When you set up a website, you want to achieve the purpose of setting it up. You want real traffic to your website but this is not always the case. This is because; there are “visitors” to your website that are both illegal and fake.

Using Google Analytics, you monitor the traffic on your website. This is a tool that helps businesses in identifying their growth. The best way to get real report about the traffic on your website is to use the features on the Google Analytics to get rid of the fake visitors.

Why you Need Accurate Data

In your reports, you need to have accurate data. Remember that you are working on these reports in order to have a clear picture of whether your website is important to your business. You need to make the right decisions and with fake traffic in your reports this will not be possible. You will make wrong decisions. Fake traffic is a huge threat to any business.

What Results to the Google Analytics Log Spam?

A spammer regardless of where they are located, do this to have their information published on the websites that they target. Thus they will send fake requests. Online users will get a link to another sales page that is not connected to you which will be to the advantage of the spammer.

How to Stop This

The beauty of using Google Analytics is that it is developed in a way that you can stop fake traffic to your sites. By having the Filters and Segments that you use to stop this, you will get accurate traffic reports to your website. You can remove fake visitors from your current report and you can remove them in future reports. This is by use of Segments and Filters respectively.

Use Filters

It is possible to get rid of junk traffic to your website in future reports by using Filters. If you are using analytics.js widget, it will not be possible since it is only available in gtag.js Javascript widget. With this, your future reports will be genuine and you will be able to make positive decisions.

Use Segments

This is a functionality that will remove spam websites from your traffic reports. Any existing junk traffic is also removed by use of Segments.

Removing fake traffic in your future and current reports is relatively easy and an important thing to do.

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