How do you Ensure Safe Data Destruction?

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How do you Ensure Safe Data Destruction?

Important business information is no longer stored in physical files or hard disks. It’s being stored in soft copies and cloud computing. This is safer, and data can be accessed from anywhere with an internet-enabled device. It comes a time that one needs to get rid of some data. There are various ways to do so but what is important is to ensure the method of data destruction used is reliable.

What is Data Destruction?

Every business has important data that it stores in hard disks, USBs and electronic media. When the data needs to be deleted that it cannot be used again, this is called data destruction. It simply means that the information is destroyed to a point that nobody can access it.

Is Data Sanitization the Same as Destruction?

No, these are two different things. With data sanitization, the destroying of files or data is verified. This is done through laid out methods and a tamper-proof report is provided to confirm that the data is destroyed and by no means can anyone access it. This involves three methods which are physical destruction, cryptographic and data erasure which can be used separately or concurrently.

Methods of Data Destruction

Basically, there are three main methods of data destruction that can be used depending on preferences. Each has its own advantages and it’s advisable that you assess them before starting your data destruction process.

·         Overwriting

This is a method that requires overwriting software and what makes it popular is the fact that it is economical. It can be used to destroy part or all the information in that hard drive. This method involves writing new data in the place of the existing one. The disadvantage with this method is that it is time-consuming to replace information especially when it’s lengthy.

·         Physical Destruction

This is another option, but it is best used when you will no longer need the hard disks. Hammering a drive, pulverizing and shredding are just some of the physical destruction methods that are used. Although you cannot reliably verify that no one will access the data, physical destruction is effective.

·         Degaussing

If you are looking for a way that it will completely be impossible to recover data, it is highly recommended that you use Degausser. This is a device that eliminates the intended files through reduction of hard disks’ magnetic fields. It must be used carefully as the effects of reducing magnetic fields in hard disks can affect other devices nearby. One should be ready for expensive purchase and maintenance.

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