A look at augmented reality and virtual reality

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A look at augmented reality and virtual reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality have thrilled the mind of many over the years. In this article, we are going to be taking a detailed look at VR and AR. First of all, let us take a good look at AR.  


What AR does is to enhance the real world, unlike VR that provide an escape from the real world. To experience this, you simply have to look through a screen or put on a headset. You will then be able to see what is around you from a new perspective.  


The setup is not too complicated. The major component of the setup is a camera that is connected to a screen with a computer vision. What the technology does is that it first identifies surfaces and objects. It also has a window where you can add motion sensors that you can use in mapping a room or tracking your movements. 


The primary use of the AR is for mapping as well as other fun activities like catching Pokemon or inking a tattoo. 

Basically, AR can perfectly scan a room accurately and identify each and every object in it. In the future, it is likely going to be used in the interior design industry. In the coming years, tech giants like Google and Apple are going to use this technology.  

Now that you know a thing or two about augmented reality, we are going to take a look at virtual reality. 


To experience how virtual reality works, all you have to do is to put on a VR headset and your environment will immediately be replaced by the image the headset is projecting. If you are in your home and your wear a VR headset, you will no longer see your room. Depending on the projection on the headset, you could be at a beach or a concert with it.  


Majority of people who own a VR headset use it for gaming purposes. In the future, VR is likely going to be used in the medical, automotive and space industries. Recent research has shown that VR could be used to reduce pain emanating from the brain.  

Dark side 

When VR is not used properly, it can make you feel sick (motion sickness). But if your VR refreshes it images quickly you are less likely to experience it.  

The bottom line is that VR and AR are wonderful devices that can thrill you. So if you have an extra cash purchase a good headset. The one that will titillate you, it could be VR or AR. You will be glad you did because you are going to see things from a whole new light. Your senses are going to be awakened.

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