6-Point Checklist for Buying a Smartphone

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 6-Point Checklist for Buying a Smartphone

Buying a smartphone that fits your everyday needs is not as easy as walking into a store and picking the one that is appealing to the eye. Well, you can do that as long as you are sure regrets will not follow later on.

If that’s not the route you want to take, there are a few important things to consider before taking the plunge. Also, if you are not sure what kind of smartphone you want or lost in a muddled mess of doubts, follow the guidelines below.

#1 – Screen size

When it comes to smartphones, everyone has their own preferences. Some prefer big screens while others find medium size screens an ideal fit. Large screen phones have a lot to offer in respects to watching videos, playing games and bigger texts hence fewer typos. However, big phones are more noticeable and can feel pretty uncomfortable talking on it. What is considered as a big screen is anything above 5.5 inches.

If you want a phone you can easily handle with one hand opt for the medium-sized screens (4.5ʺ – 5.4ʺ). The texts are large enough, you can comfortably watch videos & play games and they can fit in your pocket quite nicely.

#2 – Storage

RAM and internal memory are one of the critical aspects to consider when buying a smartphone. RAM basically determines the performance of a smartphone. With more RAM, you can easily multitask without your phone feeling sluggish. 1GB is a decent amount of RAM to run most apps, but in this day and era, it’s considered not enough.

For gamers, a smartphone with 2GB-4GB RAM is an excellent choice if you intend to play heavy games.

#3 – CPU

RAM should go hand in hand with CPU. There’s no point of a phone have large amount of RAM with a slow CPU. Faster and powerful processors not only perform simple tasks quickly, but also access to large amounts of data quickly and easily.

Smartphones with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 652, the Snapdragon 821 and MediaTek Helio X25/X27 are quite fast.

#4 – Camera

If you foresee taking lots of pictures with your smartphone, checking the camera quality is essential. The biggest misconception people have about phones is megapixel count determines the camera quality. There are other features that come into play when determining the quality of the camera. They include; autofocus, lens/flash quality, ISO levels, shutter speed and more.

If possible, take as much pictures as you’d like so as to ascertain the quality of the camera.

#5 – Battery

All mobile users want is a battery life that lasts at least for a day. And if you are a gamer or you intend to spend more time on the phone, a battery that lasts much longer is an added plus.

So, a higher mAh translates to a longer battery life.

#6 – Extra features

Fingerprint sensor, gorilla glass protection, expandable storage, OS version, speakers and 3G/4G smartphones are things you can consider when buying.

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