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Getting the Most Out of Your Computer Background

Almost everyone loves having a specific desktop ground. People have them for various reasons. Some will upload their photos, that of a loved one, beautiful scenery, their favorite football team or a photo that they just love. Your desktop background means a lot and there is always a way that you can get the most out of it.

·         De-clutter the Desktop

You have the option of saving files on your desktop. When you have your favorite background, you do not want it hidden. Get rid of the files and the icons that you do not need regularly on the desktop. You can save them somewhere else and access them whenever needed. This way, you will have a background in full view.

·         Choose the Appropriate Resolution

Resolutions vary and for a background to turn out the best and stand out, you must use the right resolution. This highly depends on the resolution and the aspect ratio of the desktop. Without this, the background will not be as clear and it will instead turn out to be grainy.

  • Get Well-Designed Wallpapers

There are many well-designed and outstanding wallpapers that you can use depending on your preferences. As you consider having one, there are tons of websites where you can find them. The good thing is that there are free ones that will easily meet your requirements.

  • Have Varieties of Wallpapers

With thousands and thousands of wallpapers available online, it’s easy to have a collection and use them. Whether you are fascinated by animated wallpapers, celebrity or family photos, you can have a collection and schedule them as preferred. It is not necessarily you have a single background that you use. With the latest technology, there are software programs that will help you in doing this.

  • Keep Your Background Simple

Your desktop background will look better when it’s simple. It’s easy to the eyes rather than being complicated to a point that people can’t make out what it’s all about.

Having a desktop background that makes you feel good every time you look at your computer is a good thing. It boosts the atmosphere of your desktop which will lift your spirits. When you have images with the appropriate resolutions, well-designed wallpapers, you make them appear simple yet eye-catching and by decluttering the desktop, you will achieve a background that uplifts your spirits.

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How do you Ensure Safe Data Destruction?

Important business information is no longer stored in physical files or hard disks. It’s being stored in soft copies and cloud computing. This is safer, and data can be accessed from anywhere with an internet-enabled device. It comes a time that one needs to get rid of some data. There are various ways to do so but what is important is to ensure the method of data destruction used is reliable.

What is Data Destruction?

Every business has important data that it stores in hard disks, USBs and electronic media. When the data needs to be deleted that it cannot be used again, this is called data destruction. It simply means that the information is destroyed to a point that nobody can access it.

Is Data Sanitization the Same as Destruction?

No, these are two different things. With data sanitization, the destroying of files or data is verified. This is done through laid out methods and a tamper-proof report is provided to confirm that the data is destroyed and by no means can anyone access it. This involves three methods which are physical destruction, cryptographic and data erasure which can be used separately or concurrently.

Methods of Data Destruction

Basically, there are three main methods of data destruction that can be used depending on preferences. Each has its own advantages and it’s advisable that you assess them before starting your data destruction process.

·         Overwriting

This is a method that requires overwriting software and what makes it popular is the fact that it is economical. It can be used to destroy part or all the information in that hard drive. This method involves writing new data in the place of the existing one. The disadvantage with this method is that it is time-consuming to replace information especially when it’s lengthy.

·         Physical Destruction

This is another option, but it is best used when you will no longer need the hard disks. Hammering a drive, pulverizing and shredding are just some of the physical destruction methods that are used. Although you cannot reliably verify that no one will access the data, physical destruction is effective.

·         Degaussing

If you are looking for a way that it will completely be impossible to recover data, it is highly recommended that you use Degausser. This is a device that eliminates the intended files through reduction of hard disks’ magnetic fields. It must be used carefully as the effects of reducing magnetic fields in hard disks can affect other devices nearby. One should be ready for expensive purchase and maintenance.

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Hows Technology Helping with Queue Management

Long queues in service centers, financial institutions, and hospitals are quite frustrating. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get served and when there is no proper queue management, everything becomes chaotic. There is no order and this leads to time wastage. Technology has helped this sector, by bringing an orderly way to manage queues.

How does Queue Management Help?

A queue management system will help both the business using it and its customers. For example, when it’s used in a bank, there will be order and it will be less chaotic for both the staff and the customers. Queue management improves efficiency in the business, reduces waiting time for the customers and this will lead to a fewer number of customers waiting in the line. The customers will be satisfied with the experience.

Customers are Happier

Another way that a good queue management system helps is that customers will be happier regardless of the kind of business. Customers will come to the business or institution with a perceived waiting time which could be too long. They come prepared knowing that their waiting time will be long. With queue management, they will leave happier since they did not stay as expected. They were served fast which saved them a lot of time. 

How Does a Good Queue Management Work? 

This system is relatively easy to use. Most systems print out a ticket depending on the services that you want. If it’s in a bank, maybe you want to deposit money or talk to a credit controller; all the services are listed in the virtual queuing machine. You press and a ticket with a number is printed. You are served according to the numbers and it’s easy to know how much time you will have to wait before you are served. Digital signage also displays numbers and it’s also announced so that you do not miss out on your chance to be served.

A queuing system is all a facility or business needs to have order in serving customers. When there is no system, some people will take advantage of and skip others. There is customer empowerment when a queuing system is in place. Everyone needs to be served and when they are automatically arranged as they come in, this is guaranteed customer satisfaction. It will also be easier for staff to work efficiently and effectively.

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Stopping Google Analytics Referral Spam

When you set up a website, you want to achieve the purpose of setting it up. You want real traffic to your website but this is not always the case. This is because; there are “visitors” to your website that are both illegal and fake.

Using Google Analytics, you monitor the traffic on your website. This is a tool that helps businesses in identifying their growth. The best way to get real report about the traffic on your website is to use the features on the Google Analytics to get rid of the fake visitors.

Why you Need Accurate Data

In your reports, you need to have accurate data. Remember that you are working on these reports in order to have a clear picture of whether your website is important to your business. You need to make the right decisions and with fake traffic in your reports this will not be possible. You will make wrong decisions. Fake traffic is a huge threat to any business.

What Results to the Google Analytics Log Spam?

A spammer regardless of where they are located, do this to have their information published on the websites that they target. Thus they will send fake requests. Online users will get a link to another sales page that is not connected to you which will be to the advantage of the spammer.

How to Stop This

The beauty of using Google Analytics is that it is developed in a way that you can stop fake traffic to your sites. By having the Filters and Segments that you use to stop this, you will get accurate traffic reports to your website. You can remove fake visitors from your current report and you can remove them in future reports. This is by use of Segments and Filters respectively.

Use Filters

It is possible to get rid of junk traffic to your website in future reports by using Filters. If you are using analytics.js widget, it will not be possible since it is only available in gtag.js Javascript widget. With this, your future reports will be genuine and you will be able to make positive decisions.

Use Segments

This is a functionality that will remove spam websites from your traffic reports. Any existing junk traffic is also removed by use of Segments.

Removing fake traffic in your future and current reports is relatively easy and an important thing to do.

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Reasons to Cover Your ‘Digital Footprints’

In the modern fast-paced world, technology has become the backbone of communication. The Internet is one of the things that many people depend on a daily basis to interact with others, do business and learn more about the current news.

When you register and subscribe on websites, you are giving away information which is critical to your privacy. It is paramount that you take the necessary measures to secure your privacy online.


Why Should You Secure Your Privacy?


There have been cases of cyberbullying that has led to internet users committing suicide or being depressed. Every time that you are online browsing, experts can trace your actions, communications, and activities.

A lot could happen to you considering there are online trolls and conmen that are waiting for their next victim. To avoid being a victim, you should secure your privacy by covering your “digital footprints” as much as you can.


  • You Prevent Identity Theft


When you have not protected yourself well online, it is easy for your personal information to be stolen by experts. Once they have this kind of information plus credit card details, they will do things illegally on your behalf.

They will purchase stuff online, create social media accounts, contact other people, apply for internet-based loans and even distribute your photos feloniously.


  • You Protect Your Device


Another reason you should boost your internet privacy is that it will also protect your computer. You have heard about anti-virus and the benefit of installing one in your computer. Viruses disrupt the operations of a computer which is something that you do not want.


  • You Protect Your Reputation


Anything about you that is available on the internet speaks much about you. When people access your personal information, each one of them will end up judging you in a unique way. When you secure your privacy, you are in a better position to manage your reputation.


To prevent being a cyber bully victim, minimize the chances of getting traced easily online. Avoid sharing personal information online, get an anti-virus program to protect your computer and use strong passwords that will be a challenge for online trolls to crack.  

Public Wi-Fi networks expose you to hackers thus you should avoid them. It also helps to install ad blockers. It does not matter the platform that you are using since as long as you are online, you are vulnerable to these crimes.


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A look at augmented reality and virtual reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality have thrilled the mind of many over the years. In this article, we are going to be taking a detailed look at VR and AR. First of all, let us take a good look at AR.  


What AR does is to enhance the real world, unlike VR that provide an escape from the real world. To experience this, you simply have to look through a screen or put on a headset. You will then be able to see what is around you from a new perspective.  


The setup is not too complicated. The major component of the setup is a camera that is connected to a screen with a computer vision. What the technology does is that it first identifies surfaces and objects. It also has a window where you can add motion sensors that you can use in mapping a room or tracking your movements. 


The primary use of the AR is for mapping as well as other fun activities like catching Pokemon or inking a tattoo. 

Basically, AR can perfectly scan a room accurately and identify each and every object in it. In the future, it is likely going to be used in the interior design industry. In the coming years, tech giants like Google and Apple are going to use this technology.  

Now that you know a thing or two about augmented reality, we are going to take a look at virtual reality. 


To experience how virtual reality works, all you have to do is to put on a VR headset and your environment will immediately be replaced by the image the headset is projecting. If you are in your home and your wear a VR headset, you will no longer see your room. Depending on the projection on the headset, you could be at a beach or a concert with it.  


Majority of people who own a VR headset use it for gaming purposes. In the future, VR is likely going to be used in the medical, automotive and space industries. Recent research has shown that VR could be used to reduce pain emanating from the brain.  

Dark side 

When VR is not used properly, it can make you feel sick (motion sickness). But if your VR refreshes it images quickly you are less likely to experience it.  

The bottom line is that VR and AR are wonderful devices that can thrill you. So if you have an extra cash purchase a good headset. The one that will titillate you, it could be VR or AR. You will be glad you did because you are going to see things from a whole new light. Your senses are going to be awakened.

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Best cables that will increase your gadget lifespan

From time to time you might need to change your cable because they are worn out or are not able to meet up with your demand. Whatever the case may be, you will have to purchase a new cable that will be able to handle your devices without any complication.

Selecting a good cable can be a daunting task due to the fact that there are tons of cables out there on the market. The question now is how do I pick a good one that will be able to handle my needs?

This article is going to be looking at some of the top-notch cables on the market that can handle your needs comfortably.


  1. The Amazon basic retractable cable

The special feature in this cable is that it is retractable, which will prevent it from getting tangled in your bag or your pocket. It can stretch as long as 2 feet when extended


  1. The native union anchor cable

If you use your cables a lot you should consider getting this one because it can handle anything. The only issue with it is that it is a bit pricey. But you should not let the price prevent you from purchasing it; endeavor to look at this item as an investment that would serve you for a long time. The selling point of the cable is its durability. So, if you need something that will serve for long, then you should consider getting this cable.


  1. Apple USB cable

This is a perfect cable, especially for Apple product users. Of course, it is not advisable to use apple cable for non-apple devices. But if you happen to have an iPhone X or iPhone 8, you should consider getting it.


  1. Anker powerline cable

The special feature that makes a lot of people purchase this cable is its length. You see, if you have a habit of using your phone while charging it, you will see the need to get a longer cable. Another reason why this cable may be suitable for you is that it is durable and it has a lifetime warranty.


  1. Anker power line 3 feet

This cable is similar to the Anker powerline 10feet cable, the only difference is its length. Of course, there are people who might find the 10 feet version of it intimidating and hard to manage. Well, if that’s the case, the 3 feet version will be a good substitute.


Final note

Finding a good cable that will last you for a very long time can be difficult, but if you put in time and effort to make your research, you will be able to find one that will suit your needs.

Another thing you could do is to read the reviews that people have left on a particular cable. If the reviews are good, this means that the cable is good.

The cables listed above are the best cables on the market right now; so, if you don’t have time to make more research, you should consider getting one of them.

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Tips for Good Security for Your IT Business

The more successful a business is, the more elaborate its security needs to be. The target only gets bigger and the plans to compromise it more elaborate with time. This applies not only to physical properties and desktop infrastructure but also the dangers of data breaches through mobile devices as well.

As a small business, how would you rate your IT security? For example this Sydney locksmith company secures local businesses everyday. They are amazed at the gaps in security that most small businesses have. This is an area you cannot afford to skimp on or take for granted as an attack puts you in danger of going out of business thus costing you millions to repair and restore operations and your company’s reputation. Consider the following tips to improve IT security for your business.

1. Do not ignore the basics. In most cases if you have a great defense system in place you will not have to worry too much of what may come in the future. A great first line of defense includes anti-virus and anti-spyware and basic firewalls.

2. Have strong passwords for your company email accounts and enforce strict password policies. A good password is difficult to crack and has a variety of characters including number and symbols and is ten characters or longer.

3. If you can afford to, issues work devices that will not allow USB drives or browsing on outside networks and emails and company issued phones that are directly linked to all work functions. This is mostly reserved for upper management and employees with sensitive work.

4. Always have data consistently backed up on your server and update it often to where all your information can be restored and rebooted at any time in case of any accidents. Those should also be under heavy protection and limited access rights to prevent security breaches.

5. Always be up to date with your systems and protection against virus, malware and ransomware. Schedule regular check-ups with your IT departments or simply set everything to auto-update. Do not ignore any alerts you may receive about software and program updates.

6. Schedule regular training sessions for your staff members where you educate them on how to easily identify threats and steps they can take to making sure you aren’t hacked e.g. malware disguised as invites to office parties or phishing.

7. Take more proactive approaches by finding your security gaps and immediately fixing them. Some companies have started adopting the tradition of hiring hackers to find their problem areas for them and hence they create contingency plans and protocols in case those gaps should be exploited in the future. Prevention is always better than a cure.

8. Evolve with the times. As your business operations grow, so does the potential for you being a likely target for breaches. Business owners need to make sure that the needs of their businesses are met in real time and it addresses current concerns of the business. This could sometimes require buying more up-to-date infrastructure rather than software updates. Better machines often times means more difficult security to bypass and more options to store data safely.

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The Importance of Technology

Ever wondered why technology is so important to our everyday living. A look at the world around you will surely, tell you better. Every time and day, we are surrounded by technology. Interestingly, even whilst resting, working or eating, you will always make use of technology.

The immense wealth of benefits and advantages associated with the daily use of technology is without a doubt, legendary. Technology is needed. This is because it makes human life and our daily living easier and less tasking. The pace of life has significantly increased with the help of technological innovations. These innovations have, however, made communication easier, movement easy, and travel faster amongst others. So, why is technology important? The below, however, is the importance of technology:

Improvement in standards of living

Due to the application of technology, our standards of living have increased significantly. It has brought advancements in agriculture. This is because it eases the process of production and processing of food. Aside from agriculture, technology has boosted every other industry.

Businesses are growing significantly with the passing of each day. Just like every other sector, technological applications have boosted research. This is, however, not limited to the fields of extraterrestrial space to genetics. Amazingly, the internet and computer technologies exist everywhere. And have positively changed virtually every sector – education, tourism and medicine amongst others.


Technological innovations have meaningfully changed the way we communicate everybody. The methods of communication have changed gradually.  This ranges from pigeons (which carry messages) to emails, in addition to the instant message. This change is significant as messages are being sent over long distances in the twinkling of an eye.

In truth, satellite communication has increased communication. Furthermore, cellular technology has positively increased the speed of communication.

Unlike most other means of communicating, the internet has facilitated the exchange of information over long distances. For example, you can even have access to this page through a web server, even if you are in a far-off country. Isn’t it amazing?


The discovery of electricity has lit up the world. It has, however, drove all the darkness away. The truth remains that, if there has not been technology, the production of electrical power or even harnessing it would not have been possible.

Today, it can easily be generated through different means. Thanks to technology! Technology has made it possible for us to convert one form of energy to another. For instance, heat energy is being converted to mechanical energy to drive turbines that are used to generate electricity. This has been made possible and easier all through technology.


Technology has increased the production and sales of goods. More so, it has brought about different life-sustaining employment opportunities. The truth remains that small and big business is only thriving today because of technology.

And it is technology that gives different organizations the strength and wings to fly to their desired destination. This is considering the fact that it enables them to carry out different complex industrial operations with ease. Growing business creates and increases employment opportunities for everybody. And that is how important it is!

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The Role of Technology in an Organization

There is no denying the role of technology in the digital world today. Technology has become a fundamental and an integral part of any organizational structure. Technology is used from multi-national companies to small-scaled businesses for effective running of daily tasks.

Technology is a powerful tool that utilizes application of information in the production, design and the utilization of goods and services as well as in any organization of human activities. Here are some of the key roles played by technology in an organization


In every organization, communication is a key aspect of the daily routines that drive the company. Technology has evolved over the year and has revolutionized communication in organizations. Various technological communication means are being used by businesses. For example, the invention of the email has changed how office communication is conducted.

In earlier years, communication in organizations used telegrams or postal letter to communicate or send crucial documents. Over time, the fax was invented and provided a much quicker transfer of information. However, E-Mails have been the current mode of communication in an organization whether formally or informally.

Emails are inexpensive and straightforward to use. Different email platforms also offer various features including multiple emailing to different recipients. Some other important communication is the mobile phones, video conferencing or Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP.

Data management

Every organization stores loads of data and information. Traditional filing and document mailing is fast fading and organizations are embracing advanced technological filing system such as online data storage.

Organizations are turning to secure data banks to store all their information and converting all their physical data to a digital form. Data stored online is easy to retrieve and is secured. Storing data digitally ensures that data is properly backed up and reduces the loss of data or data damage risks. Online data management is easier, and there is immediate data retrieval.

Customer Relationship Management

Technology plays a significant role in improving client’s relationship. Through a Customer Relationship Management systems, organizations can capture every company client interaction to provide an enriching experience.

For example, should a customer call or emails a company with certain issues, the support staff can quickly identify what sort of products or service was offered to the client, billing information and so on. Also, the system will pull up instructions manual on how to effectively respond to the client.

All these interactions are accurately recorded for evaluation and reused in case the client calls or emails the organization. This provides a much dynamic customer relationship with the organization with a better focus experience and this increases productivity.


Perhaps, technology has best been used in marketing. Almost all successful business are turning to digital marketing to showcase their products and services. The organization is embracing the digital era that is enabled by technology to reach wider markets and newer heights.

The use of social media is amongst the most used marketing tool as well as targeted advertisement. Organizations can now advertise themselves without the outdated forms such as newspaper adverts. Internet advertisement has ensured that your product or services reach your targeted audiences.

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